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Jul 24

I wouldn’t read this piece of shit book, but I will DEFINITELY see this piece of shit movie. 

Jul 21


“Hamas builds reinforced bunkers for its leaders (under hospitals and other must-avoid targets) but purposefully neglects to build bomb shelters for the civilians in its putative care.” The Atlantic

“If we commit to one social plan for the whole evening, we might be missing out on something cooler happening just around the corner. So the mediated-spontaneity tools of the smartphone comfort us with the idea that it is always possible to bail out in favour of something better. And this is pleasant, too, for the hipster entrepreneurs who have just launched the nearby pop-up absinthe bar or dude-food smokehouse. As Jacob Burak reports in a recent essay, the fear of missing out “occurs mostly in people with unfulfilled psychological needs in realms such as love, respect, autonomy and security.” Too overwhelming a fear of missing out—a generalised attitude of always looking over the shoulder of the person you’re talking to in case there is someone more interesting or attractive at the party—can rob the victim of the ability to take pleasure in anything.” Steven Poole, on FOMO

Jul 17
The real-life Rosie The Riveter.

The real-life Rosie The Riveter.

Jul 16

Jul 9

College Humor has entered an internet baroque phase where they’re trying to psych you out of watching any more College Humor videos.

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Jul 8
“This country is too fucking big. I honestly think… In nature, if a cell gets too big, it divides. You can’t come up with a set of rules that’s going to work for 350 million people. You’re just not. So we’re stuck. Robert Kennedy had this great quote: “20 percent of people are against everything, all the time.” That’s a big number now. And you know what? “No” is easy. “No” doesn’t require any follow-up, commitment. “Yes” is hard, “yes” has to be worked on. It needs a lot of people to keep it as “yes.” That’s where we’re at. When I’m president, we’re going back to the Thirteen Colonies, is what we’re going to do.” Steven Soderbergh

“A century ago, industrial magnates played a central role in the Progressive movement, working with unions, supporting workmen’s compensation laws and laws against child labor, and often pushing for more government regulation. This wasn’t altruism; as a classic analysis by the historian James Weinstein showed, the reforms were intended to co-opt public pressure and avert more radical measures. Still, they materially improved the lives of ordinary workers. And they sprang from a pragmatic belief that the robustness of capitalism as a whole depended on wide distribution of the fruits of the system.” James Surowiecki, c/o The New Yorker, on an upper class we literally would not recognize today

Jul 7

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